Monday, February 13, 2012

February 14, 2010

Someone took this picture of me on February 14, 2010. It was on a memorial concert of my late dear friend Olive Pieter, held in FKUI function room. Olive was a beloved member of my choir, a great doctor, and a dearest friend for all of us.

I didn't think of anything that could happen to me that day. I was just coming to sing with my choir and send our love to Olive. I even remember that in that very night my heart was still truly hurt by my past relationship.

Who knows that in that special night, I met the love of my life. After the concert me and my choir went to KFC Cikini to have dinner. Unexpectedly, he sat just behind our table. He was wearing a blue shirt and wore glasses. He was with his friends when he asked my name and shook my hands. He has calm eyes and a kind smile. I didn't exactly know how but after we've met, I felt warm and was smiling all the way home. He was holding a camera. He was the one that took this picture.

From that day on, this man got a very special place in my heart. And I believe that 14 February 2010 wasn't a coincidence but God's way for us to meet each other.

Maybe God wants us to meet a few wrong people before meeting the right one so that when we finally meet the right person in the right time, we will understand.

And oh, it was a valentine's day. :)


  1. Now version of mine
    14 February 2010
    In the morning of Sunday, i had a walk journey to Puncak with my college friends, a quite exhausting journey. So after i came to Jakarta again in the noon, all i want is have a rest, i really want to go home as quickly i could. But i had remember that day would be Olive’s memorial ceremony in the afternoon at FKUI. So i just laid to my “kosan” while waiting until afternoon, never thinking that day will be a special day. But somehow i had a weird feeling that insist me to come to Olive’s.
    I came alone to FKUI in the afternoon, where Olive’s memorial ceremony would be held. I came with my blue shirt and i took my camera. I meet Jerry and Marvin there, a close friend of mine and Olive’s. The ceremony was begun, and i sat at the back seat with Marvin and with my camera in my hold. In the middle of ceremony there was a vocal group of Olive, called Kresendo performing songs. They wore black dress suit. They sang so beautiful, and my eyes somehow fixed to a girl with long hair, a beutifull girl, in my heart i said she was so lovely. I enjoyed the music, and i enjoyed watching her singing. I took photo of her quitely :P Marvin at the time, said “Cantik tuh ndre”. I was shocked and pretended to be cool. Hahaha, but my heart was beating so fast. So the ceremony was finished at very night day. I went to Jerry and Marvin, they want to take us have a dinner to KFC Mampang.
    Yeah, KFC Mampang is too far when our stomach were very hungry, so we decided to had dinner just to KFC Cikini, just 10 minutes from FKUI. My mind still thingking about long hair girl singing at Olive’s, “who is she?”. But i thought i had missed my chance to meet her again. We sat at KFC Cikini at the second floor with our food. In the middle of eating our dinner, a bunch of black dress girls came to second floor of KFC. Oooh they were the girls who sang at Olive’s. My heart beat so fast thingking would be that girl among the girls. Yes, there she was. My heart beat even faster. Strange. They sat at the table just in front of us. We had finished our dinner, some had ciggaretes after dinner. We decided to go back to our cars and want to go home because it was a late night. Jerry called my name “eh ndre, nih kenalin cita” Hahahaha fuckin jerry introduce me to the long hair girl that i saw her all night long. Swear, i was not asking for this, but thank you Jerry . Yes she was so lovely and introduce her name “Cita” and my throat was clogged saying “Andre” not clear enough. And she said “siapa?” Gw kira dia ga bakal nanya lagi -___-. Gw bilang lagi “Andree” dia bilang “Ooh” dengan senyumannya yang manis. Gila gw seneeeeng bangettttt waktu itu. Gw pulang dengan senyum senyum sendiri. Dan cewe itu sampai sekarang 14 Februari 2012 masih berada di hati gw, meskipun dia jauh di itali sana. Terima kasih Tuhan udah mempertemukan kita dan menjaga kita bisa masih sama sama lagi sampai sekarang. Kamu jangan ngambek ya disana :P I love U so much dear.

    #hearing flood song by Andre Harihandoyo

  2. Oh ya, love this picture so much. Happy Valentine day dear.